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, Technology Law

Representation for Technology-Related Transactions and Disputes

Technology law serves a wide array of industries, representing clients in legal matters regarding the usage of the internet for commerce. A technology attorney provides transactional services for corporate information technology, such as drafting and negotiating legal contracts. We represent clients facing disputes in data privacy and cybersecurity matters in negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and courtroom litigation. The growth of technology has allowed Mateer & Harbert to focus on a wide variety of legal services. We can provide legal advice about technology or engage in litigating a technology-related dispute. Our attorneys offer innovative and effective legal strategies to help our clients achieve their goals and manage their technological challenges.

Our Services are Multi-Faceted

Mateer & Harbert attorneys have experience litigating an assortment of issues that focus on technology. These include:

  • cyber-security and insurance
  • IT professional liability
  • telecommunications
  • social media disputes
  • privacy and data security
  • fraud
  • contractual disputes involving IT services
  • software development
  • licensing agreements

We offer Practical Advice and Legal Solutions

Our firm helps clients understand the legal aspects of the technology they must acquire to succeed in the modern digital age. In addition to providing advice on business planning and formation, we have assisted clients in providing legal analysis and risk assessment for data breach liability. We also represent our client’s best interests in preparing various hardware, software, and website agreements.

When selecting cybersecurity insurance for a business, it is critical to hire experienced legal counsel to review the policy. Cyber insurance is designed to cover or mitigate risks and liabilities associated with data and privacy breaches. They are complex documents, and it is essential to analyze and understand their exclusions. For example, a cyber insurance policy may exclude claims arising from the loss of an employee laptop. Many policies exclude coverage for claims of personal injury, which may include emotional distress and mental anguish. However, these gaps can result in liability for a company in a court of law.

Mateer & Harbert is Florida’s Technology Law Firm

At Mateer & Harbert, we focus on technological and regulatory trends that impact various industries. We stay current on advances in a rapidly changing technological world and how they affect the legal and business framework. We have vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the legal issues that can evolve in technology and business. Our law firm is widely recognized as a leader in technology law. Our legal services are tailored to resolve any issues that may arise in your industry.

For more information regarding our technology law practice, contact Mateer & Harbert at 407-425-9044.

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