Real Estate and Land Development

, Real Estate and Land Development

Finding Solutions for Complex Florida Real Estate Matters

The rapid growth of real estate and land development is quickly changing the Florida landscape. With a trend towards urbanization, residential and commercial real estate continues on the rise, as does land development for infrastructure growth. The purchase or sale of real estate and the development of land brings many risks. The representation of an experienced real estate and land development lawyer is crucial to the success of a land project.

Our Real Estate Experience

The real estate and land development attorneys at Mateer & Harbert have a broad range of experience. We represent residential and commercial landowners, joint ventures, public-private partnerships, investors, general contractors, lenders, borrowers, landlords, and tenants. For existing real estate acquisitions or sales, we structure and negotiate legal, binding transactions that comply with state and local regulations. We successfully resolve complex disputes for land development and real estate matters such as eminent domain, boundary issues, construction defects, insurance, and financing matters, including foreclosures. Our attorneys are tenacious, and we do what is necessary to protect our clients’ interests. 

There are many risk factors to consider in the acquisition or sale of real estate and land development. These include: 

  • Environmental issues such as contaminated land, residue from chemical spills, lead in water or paint, mold, and other chemical toxins. Flood areas and wetlands can restrict the development of an area. There are strict criteria to protect endangered species in Florida.
  • Chain of title issues due to a deed mistake, such as an improper legal description. A quitclaim deed can be a complicated matter, enabling another person to have an interest in the property. A person not listed on the deed may have mineral interests in the land. Or, there may be inheritance issues such as unresolved probate contests.
  • Zoning issues may not allow the land or property to be used for its intended purpose, such as height restrictions in commercial and industrial areas. There can be parking lot and setback issues, or restrictions on the placement of signs. Zoning laws can limit the type or amount of animals that can reside on a property, or may restrict an area to single-family or multi-family dwellings only.

Legal Representation for Landlord-Tenant Matters

Mateer & Harbert provides comprehensive contracts for landlords in the leasing of commercial or residential property. The drafting of a lease includes numerous details such as the rent, duration, occupancy, restrictions on uses, utility payments, security deposit, landlord entry, and move-out inspection procedures. The law mandates that tenants with disabilities are to be provided with reasonable accommodations. We assist our clients in resolving lease disputes for breach of contract by the landlord or tenant. Other conflicts can include personal injuries on a leased property or trespassing and eviction issues.

Mateer & Harbert is a multi-service law firm with sixty years of experience in real estate and land development transactions and disputes. We represent our clients in buy-sell agreements, prepare and review documents for the sale, acquisition, or lease of real property, foreclosures, homeowner association matters, and insurance disputes. We genuinely care about protecting your rights and want to help you achieve your goals.

For more information regarding our real estate and land development practice, contact Mateer & Harbert in our Orlando office at 407-425-9044.

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