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The first amendment is one of the most critical parts of our Constitution. Historically, it was written to obtain freedom for the press to publish reading materials without constraint or prosecution by the government. Since its inception, freedom of the press has been expanded to include the telecommunications industry, information technology, broadcasting, advertising, entertainment, sports, internet services, and more. Today’s media industry contains a marketplace of ideas with competing interests such as rights of privacy, confidentiality, online defamatory statements, and conflicting reviews. The Federal Communications Commission sets forth regulations to prohibit obscene and false reporting that could cause public harm to the general population. Broadcast media has the most stringent regulations, as it is intended for general audiences. Censorship can affect individuals and businesses, making this area of law both complex and controversial.

 In addition to the traditional media sources, media law encompasses breaches and violations in the digital industry, such as cybercrimes, and intellectual property to protect trademarks and copyrights. Mateer & Harbert represents large media clients and individuals fighting for their rights. We stay current with advances in technology, changing legislation, and relevant case law.

Mateer & Harbert assists media law clients in the following matters:

  • Defending newspapers, broadcast companies, and entertainment figures in defamation actions
  • Assisting newspapers and broadcast companies to gain access to court proceedings, search warrants, documents, and other items that were sealed either by a government agency or a court
  • Representing reporters and other staff members of newspapers and broadcast companies who have been subpoenaed to provide testimony or documents either by private parties or by government institutions
  • Public records access 
  • Counseling regarding website content and social media

We Tailor our Legal Services to your Needs

The role of a media attorney is diverse. Mateer & Harbert’s media attorneys have industry experience and are skilled in transactions, alternate dispute resolution, and litigation practices. Some of our work entails the representation of clients for employment issues, contract law, criminal matters such as defamation, fraud, and piracy, tax laws, software licensing, intellectual property, and sales and distribution. If you are an individual or business with a legal issue regarding media censorship, free speech, or Federal Trade Commission regulations, contact us about your dilemma.

For more information regarding our media law practice, contact Mateer & Harbert at 407-425-9044.

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