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Intellectual property law protects and enforces creators and inventors’ rights so that they can receive recognition and financial compensation for their work. The most common types of intellectual property are copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. These protected rights are governed under federal and state regulations. Each of these protections applies in specific circumstances to provide exclusive rights to their owners. Copyright law presides over creative works such as entertainment, the software industry, and the writing trade. Trademarks protect brand names, logos, and designs that identify a specific product or service. Trade secret laws protect confidential information, such as unique formulas or manufacturing processes used by a company that gives them a competitive edge. Patent laws provide exclusive rights to an inventor of a product, such as a tool or a pharmaceutical composition.

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Violations of intellectual property law have serious legal consequences. These include monetary damages, including the loss of profits, injunctions, and even criminal charges with jail time. Business owners should seek legal counsel to verify that they are not using protected materials or content to prevent accidental infringement of intellectual property rights. Repeated violations of intellectual property rights can cause a business to fail due to lawsuits and reputation damage. Hiring employees that are using trade secrets from another company can bring dire consequences in litigation for a business. For guidance in establishing proper trademark use, publishing contracts, or negotiating licensing opportunities, we have the skill and ability to meet your needs.

A Company’s Intellectual Property is Fundamental to its Success

If an employee is leaving to work for a competitor and is ignoring the non-competition agreement they have signed, we can help. The intellectual property attorneys at Mateer & Harbert handle all types of disputes for individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. We are skilled in negotiations, mediation, and arbitration. We have extensive experience in the prosecution and defense of intellectual property matters. Our approach to case strategy is to explore the risks, benefits, and costs of each dispute resolution option. Contact Mateer & Harbert for assistance with purposeful infringements or misappropriation of trademarks, copyrights, or trade secrets.

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