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, Insurance Coverage & Defense

We Protect Florida Policyholder Rights in Insurance Claims

Insurance law is governed by state and federal regulations, and it includes insurance coverage and insurance defense. Policies and settlement agreements are complex multi-page financial documents that protect the insurer and the insured. There are laws that direct the content and process of claim handling. Examples are regulations that prevent offers of diminished values to the policyholder, ensure reasonable cancellation procedures, and policy disclosure to third parties. The lawyers at Mateer & Harbert are experienced in navigating the complexities of insurance law. 

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage is the liability covered by the insurer for an individual or a private or public policyholder. There are many types of insurance coverage, such as motor vehicle, life, health, homeowner’s, professional malpractice, and umbrella policies. Insurance coverage provides financial compensation for unforeseen circumstances. A policyholder that files a claim has a right to responsible treatment from the insurer with claims settled in a timely manner. Disputes occur when a legal question arises regarding the insurance carrier’s responsibility to cover a loss or liability. These disputes can involve individual or class action legal claims. An insurance lawyer’s focus is to analyze the language of the policies detailing the relationship between the policyholder and the insurer.

Insurance Defense

Insurance defense attorneys protect the interests of insurance providers and their clients against allegations of liability. The government heavily regulates the insurance industry, and defense attorneys stay current on compliance issues. The process of insurance defense involves the astute investigation of claims for instances of fraud and unfounded claims.

Some examples are:

  • fraudulent on-the-job injuries
  • collecting disability benefits while working another job
  • slip and fall schemes
  • unethical medical practitioners
  • over-stating claims to make up for the deductible
  • staged hit and runs
  • misrepresentation of facts
  • There are severe penalties for filing fraudulent insurance claims. State or federal prosecutors may pursue these crimes for criminal convictions.

Insurance Claims are Business Negotiations 

The insurance attorneys at Mateer & Harbert protect policyholder’s rights when faced with denials and delays in processing insurance claims. Claimants are entitled to a fair and equitable financial recovery, according to the terms of the policy. If you have a personal injury or property damage claim and the insurance carrier is denying the request or offering diminished value, we can help.

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 We provide representation for large corporation policyholders, professionals, and insurance carriers faced with unfounded claims. Our team can investigate and analyze coverage issues to determine if a claim is legitimate, overstated, or fraudulent. We research case law for interpretation, new policies, and revision of policies to comply with changing insurance law regulations. Our experienced trial attorneys are knowledgeable in negotiations, mediation, alternate dispute resolution, and litigation proceedings. We have proven results.

For more information regarding our insurance coverage and defense law practice, contact Mateer & Harbert in Orlando, Florida, at 407-425-9044.

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