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The attorneys at Mateer & Harbert understand how emotional and challenging family issues can be. To ease our clients’ distress and uncertainty in these situations, we approach marital and family legal cases with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism. Our attorneys can advise clients on issues that arise in domestic legal matters, from tax issues to child support and alimony, to trust and estate planning. 


Divorce is the termination of the marriage. Sometimes the couple is divorcing on reasonably friendly terms, while for other couples, the divorce can be very contentious. Family concerns of child custody, child support, and alimony can cause the divorce to become complicated with disagreements between the divorcing couples. Regardless of the divorce situation, the courts will always seek to put the child’s best interest as a priority.

Child Custody, Adoption, and Child Abuse

When the divorcing couple is willing to cooperate and communicate, child custody and child support arrangements can be outlined in the parenting plan with mutually agreed-upon terms. When there is no cooperation between the divorcing parties, it may be necessary to seek the aid of a skilled family law attorney. Family law attorneys are very experienced in the art of negotiation. They can mediate between the parents to help bring about a solution to the court. In cases of adoption and stepparent adoption, the legal process can be complex. Investigations and interviews with the child and family members are needed to terminate the biological parent’s rights.

Child Abuse

It is deplorable that the incidence of child abuse and child neglect is too common. There are consequences of violence that involve family law and criminal law. The mistreatment or neglect of a child is profoundly severe. All states have laws in place to protect the welfare of children. Child protective services investigate abuse allegations. If child abuse is present, they may place the children in foster care or an adoption program.

Prenuptial Agreements and Domestic Violence

A prenuptial agreement is a contract created before a couple is married to outline the terms of a potential, future divorce. A family law attorney can assist a divorcing couple with advice on their particular situation. Domestic violence is a severe issue frequently involved in family law cases. Under Section 741.28 of the Florida Statutes, domestic violence includes threats and physical actions against a spouse, child, or other family members living in the home. In addition to punching, hitting, and kicking, different types of verbal abuse include name-calling and emotional manipulation. There can be threats to harm you or others, destroying your property, or damaging or threatening to harm pets. Another form of domestic abuse is exerting excessive control over finances, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. Breaking into the home or other property can be considered domestic violence in some cases. Domestic violence can have a significant impact on divorce-related orders. A family attorney can help you understand the legal challenges of your situation and your options. 


There can be many life-altering changes after a divorce is finalized. Some frequent life changes that can necessitate an adjustment include:

  • A change in work schedule
  • If a child relocates
  • If a child changes school
  • If a child has special medical needs
  • Non-cooperation of the visitation schedule by either parent
  • If one of the parent’s living arrangement is unsafe, unhealthy, or unfit for the child

The parent seeking the modification must show that they have a substantial change in circumstances to receive permission to modify custody. A parent is not permitted to relocate without a court order or written consent from the other party.

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