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Entertainment Law

At Mateer & Harbert, we share our clients’ interest in monetizing and protecting their intellectual property assets. We understand how copyrights and trademarks are created, protected, and valued. We work with clients to determine the best strategy to capitalize on their creativity, whether it is a software program, new music, book, or movie script. For patent inquiries, we maintain relationships with specialized patent counsel. We possess experience, knowledge, and judgment that help businesses and individuals prosper through the protection of their intellectual property. Whether you require guidance in establishing proper trademark use, publishing contracts, negotiating licensing opportunities, clearing advertising, or litigating infringement actions, we have the knowledge and the experience. 

Intellectual Property

We handle various intellectual property issues, including:

  • Intellectual property counseling and the protection of a proprietary right.
  • Technology transfers, licensing and computer law, and the procurement of computer systems.
  • Legal counsel for authors, publishers, songwriters, and movie producers on contracts, investor relations, and creative rights.
  • Counseling regarding website content.

Intellectual property also includes information and industry strategy. Many times, these take the form of trade secrets. Competition needs to be fair. Your ability to protect your competitive advantage is essential. Your customer lists, your product pricing, your secret formulas, are things you may have to fight to acquire or reacquire. Mateer & Harbert can help you protect your intellectual property.  Our entertainment lawyers help our clients understand legal agreements and ensure that the terms in the transactions are in the client’s best interest. We work with recording groups, recording producers, songwriters, music publishers, record label executives, music producers, and composers. The lawyers assist in negotiating to record, merchandising, touring, and publishing contracts and producer agreements. Our lawyers can also support new business formation, limiting potential liabilities, and helping with tax issues.

Litigation for Entertainment Issues

Litigation and transaction laws involve the state and federal sector, including prevailing laws created by the court, and rules established by government agencies. Our legal practice is experienced in cases involving a combination of intellectual property laws, businesses, taxation, security, and privacy. Our entertainment lawyers handle contract negotiation, licensing, sponsorship/endorsement agreements, and much more. We can also provide a full range of tax and estate planning services.

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