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The firm’s Community Associations team delivers the depth of knowledge and years of experience required to assist association clients in navigating all facets of this highly specialized discipline of the law and practice. Led by multiple veteran counsellors who are Florida Bar Certified in Condominium and Planned Use Development Law, our firm represents associations involved in all variations of residential and commercial condominiums, multi-condominiums, master homeowners and sub-associations, and mobile home and recreational vehicle parks.

With more than a half a century of combined know-how in association law and operations, our Community Association team is highly skilled in interpreting and analyzing governing documents, recommending meaningful changes to the documents, suggesting effective ways to obtain compliance with restrictions and collection of assessments, resolving disputes both prior to and throughout litigation, and drafting and negotiating service and vendor contracts. Our attorneys have proven, time and again, their ability to assist associations in more efficiently running their operations and boards while also remaining proactively compliant with applicable laws and emerging legislation.

We understand the actual and practical day-in and day-out application of the law to operational objectives, as well as the importance of remaining at the cutting edge and communication of changes and evolving trends in case law and administrative orders that impact association directors, officers and managers. Our fluency in the statutory and administrative regulations provides us with a far more thorough process of interpreting and analyzing each client’s often specific governing documents and in providing concise legal opinions in a timely, effective manner. Our proactive stance mitigating roadblocks to progress and changes and amendments to documents means our clients are better equipped and more agile when adopting and enforcing rules and regulations or amended covenants to meet the community’s evolving needs.

Our team emphasizes the importance of drafting, reviewing and negotiating service and vendor contracts to preserve the client’s best interests from the outset of its business relationships. Nevertheless, when a client is placed in the inevitable position of enforcing agreements, whether with outside third-parties or internally by enforcing the governing documents and restrictions, we deliver viable options for paths forward that compel prompt resolution while also conserving client resources and legal spend. When obtaining compliance with restrictions and collection of assessments, we understand when it is more cost-effective to resolve disputes before litigation and through effective mediation and arbitration, and when it is necessary to litigate to get the job done.

Our attorneys know that every community and association is unique – so we dedicate the requite time to understand each client’s distinct dynamics and culture as juxtaposed against a sound legal framework and community needs. Our more personalized approach to rendering multi-dimensional and actionable solutions has resulted in the representation of many associations over the years. Our team’s longevity in association law allows us not only to analyze the legalities of specific association decisions, but also to more favorably position our client in times of change, uncertainty and shifting economic conditions.

Our Community Associations experience is both broad and deep and includes legal counsel pertaining to:

  • Covenant enforcement
  • Collections and foreclosures
  • Construction defects
  • Document interpretation and amendments
  • Contract, negotiation, preparation and review
  • Developer representation
  • Real estate transactions
  • Education of boards (officers and directors)

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