Banking (Commercial Loans; Transactions)

Helping Florida Businesses with Financial Transactions

Commercial lending and borrowing is a complex process and requires creative solutions to accomplish business goals. A commercial loan and transactional attorney’s role is to ensure regulatory compliance in banking transactions by staying current in the ever-evolving legal arena in local, state, and federal jurisdictions. Contract drafting, review of loan documents, and negotiations are the foundation of the business world. Commercial loan agreements outline the legal responsibilities of all parties to understand their obligations in the transaction.

We Represent Lenders and Borrowers

The attorneys at Mateer & Harbert represent the interests of lenders or clients seeking corporate financing arrangements. Our attorneys have a broad scope of experience in various types of credit agreements such as commercial real estate loans, private lenders, loan restructuring, retail lenders, mergers, acquisition financing, secured and unsecured business credit, and government contract financing. For difficult corporate financing issues, new legal entities can be created to facilitate a transaction. Often, it is necessary to work with multiple lenders to meet the needs of a borrower.

Our finance team is well versed in the nuances of securing financing for various industries such as health care, real estate developers, franchises, public agencies, charitable organizations, and entrepreneurs in startups. To facilitate transactions for ventures and projects, we have extensive experience in contract drafting, negotiations, and resolving economic and legal disputes. Disputes between lenders and borrowers are serious matters. Non-payment claims against borrowers can result in repossessions and foreclosures. Common claims against lenders can be a failure to abide by contractual obligations, disputes over bank fees, or alleged fraudulent activity on a client’s account. Any dispute between a lending institution and a borrower should have the immediate attention of qualified legal counsel.                                               

We Understand Regulations of Commercial Banking

Mateer & Harbert has developed and maintained close working relationships with many commercial lending institutions. Our experience in business and corporate law gives us hard-earned working knowledge. We know what lenders and borrowers face as they negotiate the deals that make our local economy function. We listen to your needs and find solutions that are both practical and creative. We work with our client’s teams of accounting, financial, and other advisors to ensure that all aspects of a transaction are addressed. Our law firm has been successfully assisting lending institutions and corporations to meet their financing goals since 1961. We know the Central Florida community and will act as your guide and advocate.

For more information regarding our banking practice, contact Mateer & Harbert at our Orlando, Florida office at 407-425-9044.

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