Administrative & Governmental Law

We handle Administrative and Government Law Claims

Administrative law governs the activities and operations of governmental programs that provide benefits and services for the people. These public agencies are at the municipal, county, state, or federal levels. A sampling of public agencies on the federal level is the Social Security Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Federal Communications Commission. On the state level, examples of public agencies are the Department of Education, the Department of Health, and the Attorney General. Agencies within a county or municipality are the lowest tier of government law. They include offices such as planning and zoning and code enforcement.

Administrative lawyers work in various capacities in multiple levels of government. When corporations or individuals believe that regulations are unfairly applied to them, they can request a hearing with an administrative judge to settle claims, grievances, and appeals. An administrative and government law attorney can guide their clients through these complicated proceedings. For a valid claim or grievance regarding an administrative law matter, Mateer & Harbert can file a petition for a formal administrative hearing for the affected person or corporation against the agency in question. Much of the work of challenging government takes place in the administrative law courts of Florida. Administrative law involves many of the skills that the lawyers at Mateer & Harbert possess. The venue and atmosphere of an administrative proceeding require the refinement and focus that our lawyers have acquired through a long history of local government work.

Process of an Administrative Law Dispute

A notice of a petition for a formal administrative hearing, describing the dispute, is sent to all parties. At a prehearing conference, facts are clarified, and the scope of the dispute is identified. During this time, the parties can settle their differences, or a formalized hearing can be scheduled with an administrative judge. As in a traditional court of law, the judge will review the evidence, hear arguments, and witnesses can be called to testify. The administrative judge will make a decision subject to an appeals process if either party rejects the ruling.   

Mateer & Harbert understands Public Agencies and how Legislation Evolves

Mateer & Harbert has a long history of representing local governments, corporations, and individuals in disputes and claims. In our early years, our attorneys served Orange County as its outside counsel. For five years, Senior Partner Scott Gabrielson served Orlando as its City Attorney. Senior Partner Steve Bechtel has represented the Orange County Property Appraiser and Orange County Tax Collector for decades. Our attorneys have served on government boards, committees, and task forces. Regularly, we appear in front of governmental bodies and agencies to advocate for our clients. We have served as lobbyists to help influence legislation or government decisions. Our knowledge and skill make us well-suited to handle our clients’ needs with sound advice and aggressive representation. Turning the wheels of government takes strength and abilities that come with decades of experience. Consider consulting our team of attorneys the next time you seek a permit, development approval, or want relief from government action.

For more information regarding our administrative & governmental practice, contact Mateer & Harbert at our Orlando, Florida office at 407-425-9044.

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